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Welcome to the Minnesota Jung Association

Welcome to the new MJA website.  On this main page we will post upcoming events, news, announcements, community-submitted posts of various kinds, links to other Jungian pages/articles, etc.  Sign up for our mailing list on the Home page, and keep an eye out for updates.

Upcoming Event: James Hollis Lecture: “What is a Mature Spirituality?”

Fri. 12/5, 7:30pm in the Student Campus Center Chapel, Luther Seminary:  We are awash with claims upon us. Many of them are external—career and family, social, political, and economic entreaties, and many of them are internal—hopes, fears, archaic agendas and complexes which drive us. How does one evolve a mature spirituality out of this mélangeContinue Reading

Upcoming class w/ Lyn Cowan: Jan. 10, 17, 24th, 2015

Timeline and Travelogue: A Short History of Psychological Ideas from Day One to the Present Moment.   –Starting with Day One, this course will take a long view back to times and places in which arose some of the fundamental ideas about personality, illness, and health, and how those early conceptions and imaginings inform modernContinue Reading