The Land of 10,000 Reflections

Jungian Bibliography

This page includes listing for Jungian works in the following categories:

  • Reference Works
  • Autobiography
  • Anthologies
  • General
  • Specific Topics in Jungian Psychology
  • Books by MJA Presenters — 2004-2005
  • Books by Present & Past Minnesota     Analysts/Therapists

 Reference Works

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Specific Topics in Jungian Psychology

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Books by MJA Presenters

Dennis Patrick Slattery:

Grace In The Desert: Awakening to the Gifts of Monastic Life (with Thomas Moore.) Jossey-Bass, 2004

The Wounded Body: Remembering the Markings of Flesh. State University of N.Y. Press, 1999

Casting the Shadows: Selected Poems. Morris , 2001

The Idiot: Dostoevsky’s Fantastic Prince: A Phenomenological Approach. Peter Lang Publications, Inc., 1983

Depth Psychology: Meditations in the Field. Daimon, 2001

Guy Corneau:

Absent Fathers, Lost Sons: The Search for Masculine Identity. Shambala, 1991

Lessons in Love: The Transformation of Spirit Through Intimacy. Henry Holt & Co., 1999 Greg Mogenson

Greeting the Angels: An Imaginal View of the Mourning Process. Baywood Pub. Co, 1992

God is a Trauma: Vicarious Religion and Soul Making. Spring, 1989

The Dove in the Consulting Room: Hysteria and the Anima in Bollas and Jung. Routledge, 2003.

John Giannini:

Compass of the Soul: Archetypal Guides to a Fuller Life. Center for Applications of Psychological Type, 2004

James Hollis:

Swamplands of the Soul: New Life in Dismal Places. Inner City Books, 1996

On This Journey We Call Our Life: Living the Questions. Inner City Books, 2003

Mythologems: Incarnations of the Invisible World. Inner City Books, 2004

Eden Project: In Search of the Magical Other. Inner City Books, 1998

The Middle Passage: From Misery to Meaning in Midlife. Inner City Books, 1993

Creating a Life: Finding Your Individual Path. Inner City Books, 2000

Under Saturn’s Shadow: The Wounding and Healing of Men. Inner City Books, 1994

The Archetypal Imagination. Texas A & M University Press, 2003

Tracking the Gods: The Place of Myth in Modern Life. Inner City Books, 1995

Sandra K. Hirsh:

Work It Out: Clues for Solving People Problems At Work. Davies-Black, 1996

Soultypes: Finding the Spiritual Path that is Right For You. Hyperion Press, 1998

Looking At Type and Spirituality (with Jane A.G. Kise) Gainesville, FL: Center for Applications of Psychological Type, 1997

Introduction to Type in Organizations 3rd Ed., Palo Alton, CA: CPP, 1998

Using the Myers Briggs Type Indicator in Organizations: A Resource Book. (Not available.)


Books by Present & Past Minnesota Anaysts & Therapists

Burr, Liza, M.A., Ph.D:

Translation of Chiron Dictionary of Greek and Roman Mythology (from German into English.)

Translation of essays by Helene Hoerni-Jung on icons of Mary.

Cowan, Lyn, Ph.D.:

Masochism: A Jungian View

Tracking the White Rabbit: Essays in Subversive Psychology

Portrait of a Blue Lady (forthcoming)

The Soul of Popular Culture (contributer)

Desteian, John, J.D., D. Psy.:

Coming Together, Coming Apart: The Union of Opposites in Love Relationships

The Soul of Popular Culture (contributer)

Hall, Nor, Ph.D.:

The Moon and the Virgin: Reflections on the Archetypal Feminine (with E. Kennedy)

Those Women

Broodmales: A Psychological Essay on Men in Childbirth (with R.K. Dawson)

Irons In The Fire

Kittelson, Mary Lynn, M.A., L.P.:

Sounding The Soul: The Art of Listening

The Soul of Popular Culture: Looking at Contemporary Heroes, Myths, and Monsters (editor)

Mattoon, Mary Ann, M.A., Ph.D., L.P.:

Understanding Dreams

Applied Dream Analysis

Jungian Psychology In Perspective

Jungian Psychology After Jung

Proceedings from the International Congress for Analytical Psychology, (editor), Cambridge, 2001

  • No. 10: Archetype of Shadow in a Split World
  • No. 11: Dynamics in Relationship
  • No. 12: The Transcendent Function: Individual and Collective Aspects
  • No. 13: Open Questions in Analytical Psychology
  • No. 14: Destruction and Creation: Personal and Cultural Transformations

Miller, Mary Ann, M.L.S., M.A., M.S.W., LICSW:

The Soul of Popular Culture (contributer)

Savage, Judith, M.S.W., LICSW, LMFT:

Mourning Unlived Lives: A Psychological Study of Childbearing Loss

The Soul of Popular Culture (contributer)